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September Latin Festival Incorporated was founded in November 2015 out of the need for the Latin community to continue the work established by “The Chilean Latin American Festival ‘Fonda La Clínica’” throughout its ten years of continued community activities designed to bring the community together to share their traditions and heritage.

A new Committee of Management was formed to undertake the running of these community activities, the main one being the “September Latin Festival” held in September of each year. The organisation has been incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act as a not for profit organisation. 


Our committee members share a common sense of unity, love and passion for the Latin Culture and will volunteer their time to share their knowledge and expertise to take the set strategies forward which will enable SLF Inc achieve its mission and vision.

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Marissa Aguirre
President – September Latin Festival
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Victor Gaitan
Vice President – September Latin Festival
Alfonso Silva Musayon
Alfonso Silva
Secretary – September Latin Festival
Marisol Gormaz - Treasurer
Marisol Gormaz
Treasurer – September Latin Festival
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Paul Sepulveda
Assistant Secretary – September Latin Festival
Carmel Higgs - Assistant Treasurer
Carmel Higgs
Assistant Treasurer – September Latin Festival
Juan Carlos Gallo - Committee member
Juan Carlos Gallo
Committee Member – September Latin Festival
Teo Suarez - Committee member
Teo Suarez
Committee Member – September Latin Festival
Rodrigo Figueroa - Committee member
Rodrigo Figueroa
Committee Member – September Latin Festival